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How to use Wordpress for darkmatter Journal: Authors

darkmatter Journal uses Wordpress to publish content online. Below are some how-to's for Authors.

If your submissions only required very minor changes by the editors, it will be published and you will be notified (any errors/typos you subsequently spot, please contact the editors).

If your submission required more significant edits, you will have an opportunity to preview the version before it's published.

Preview & Online Proofing Instructions:

(1) LOGIN:

  • Username: [emailed to you] (which is case sensitive)
  • Password: [emailed to you]
  • Login Screen: enter your details

(2) Profile Screen [the first screen after login] (optional - update your details)

  • Website: add your url (optional): http://...
  • You may update/change your email address (sometime a dummy email is initially used)
  • Biography: add a few lines (4 lines max)
  • CLICK 'Update Profile' button to save! (at bottom of page)

(3) EDIT POSTS SCREEN: preview your article

  • On top left hand side of Profile page, click the 'Proflile' link > the Edit Posts screen will display
  • You should see your article (or a list of article titles) - your article will be highlighted in BLUE. (Note: For joint authored articles, only the first author displays here, but either author can Preview the article)
  • To read your article, hover mouse over your article title, and click 'Preview' to display


  • There is an option to Edit your own article, though ONLY use if you're familiar with an online editor.
  • Only use the HTML editor (tab on left hand side highlighted). Do no use the Visual Editor.
  • Please refrain from significant rewriting at this stage and keep alterations to an absolute minimum.
  • After editing your article, only use the 'Save Draft' button to save changes made.
  • Do not change the proposed publication date of the article
  • If you mess things up, revisions are stored, so stop what you're doing, Save Draft, and send an email to


  • Once an article is published, you can make further edits to the live version
  • To check your changes, use the 'Preview' link (above the article edit box)
  • To commit the changes, use the 'Update' button


  • If you don't feel confident editing the article online, send corrections to darkmatter Editors via Email
  • Check the article on-screen.
  • Send an email to confirming the proof, or indicating any errors, minor alterations etc.
  • To indicate alterations/errors, copy a small section of the text of the article to be changed (cut & paste relevant text); and add a corrected version alongside. For example, if you were proofing this text:
To the latter him replied that attitudes were becoming more tolerant but he also stated firmly that “we will not allow values to be imposed from outside”. Golding’s comment exposes the knotty dynamic at the heart of these debates. Sackur is able to pressurize the Jamaican Prime Minister in ways that are unimaginable ‘the other way round’, if, say, a Jamaican reporter were to interview the British Prime Minister. This dynamic of forceful accusation followed by defensive/aggressive refusal reproduces a combative and polarized discourse which risks hijacking the debate away from the more nuanced discussions that might lead to more meaningful and long-term changes in Caribbean culture.

Some examples of the format to indicate corrections:

A (to change): To the latter him replied
B (updated version): To the latter he replied

A: Golding’s comment exposes the knotty dynamic at the heart of these debates.
B: Golding’s comment exposes the dynamic at the heart of these debates as they highlight who has the power to speak. [change & add text]

A: changes in Caribbean culture
B: changes in Caribbean culture [italicize Caribbean]

A: risks hijacking the debate away from the more nuanced discussion
B: risks hijacking the debate [footnote text added here in middle of sentence] away from the more nuanced discussion —

  • You don't need to identify paragraph or line numbers; just indicate a small portion of the text to be altered, as shown above.
  • To indicate additional info/instructions, include them in a pair of square brackets [ …] in order to distinguish the new text to be added
  • When you have finished, remember to log out (link top right).
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