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Editorial Team (Journal)

This page organisizes the various admin elements of the darkmatter Journal.1)(Intended audience is principally the Editorial Team and most links require authorized logins).2)

Editorial Communication

Editors email: (shared login)
Book Reviews email: (shared login)
Editors discussion (googlegroups)


Special Issues

Book Reviews
username: darkmatter-journal

Social Media

darkmatter uses various social media to alert our followers of new articles published in the journal (and the wider web).

Username: darkmatter_journal
Primarily use delicious to bookmark new content published in the journal. When saving a link on delicious, select appropriate tags.
Additionally, use delicious to bookmark other notable articles and pages on the web.
All delicious links should be shared on twitter, which can be done via delicious interface: use the Share button after link has been saved. (Therefore, no need to manually tweet the link on twitter). Update: currently new version of delicious lacks twitter integration — sanjay 11-Oct-11 11:32

Username: darkmatter101
Our twitter feed is displayed on the homepage of the journal. When tweeting journal or other content, generally save via delicious (see above). Otherwise, for less signficant tweets, (re)tweet directly via twitter.

Our facebook page is set up to automatically publish our twitter feed.

A low frequeny newsletter (announce-only email list) to alert subscribers of new journal content and special issues.





1) Currently, journal admin involves using various google services such as gmail, googledocs, googlegroups for convenience. Though in future we would like to not rely on the google empire, and use our own self-hosted solutions.
2) We are aspiring towards openness!
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