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Bugs: darkmatter Journal

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Id Status Title Issue Description Assigned to
1 Assigned Upgrade Wordpress Upgrade to latest version of WP
0 Assigned Race Mashup page Race Mashup page, Feed tab: Twitter feed error failure

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  • Journal Race Mashup Feeds - Twitter feed error — sanjay 16-Aug-11 11:43
  • Check/fix Twitter & Facebook links on homepage - not working in Firefox (check WP plugin) — sanjay sharma 27-Jul-12 18:43
  • Twitter feed on Journal homepage unreliable - replace with appropriate RSS plugin — Sanjay Sharma 11-Aug-11 13:44
  • Newsletter: check problem on subscription — admin 03-Aug-11 12:19
  • Check breadcrumb, e.g. review in Gen-Issue-7 does not display Review breadcrumb — sanjay 04-Aug-11 12:04: FIXED - need to ensure 'Issue' is selected, in addition to General Issue etc — sanjay 22-Aug-11 12:17

  • fix top menu bar (overlapping text) — sanjay 17-Aug-11 14:22
  • check site-map generation — sanjay 17-Aug-11 14:34
  • check on trigger for wiki changes email notification — sanjay 23-Aug-11 13:47
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