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Dr. James Arvanitakis is a lecturer in the Humanities at the University of Western Sydney and a member of the University’s Centre for Cultural Research. A former banker, he had an epiphany on the side of a mountain in Bolivia and has since held various positions with human rights based organisations including AID/WATCH and Oxfam Hong Kong, and also founded The Commons Institute. James has worked as a human rights activist throughout the Pacific, Indonesia and Europe and is also a research associate with the Centre for Policy Development. His research focus now includes economic and environmental justice, and is currently investigating different understandings of citizenship. A regular media commentator , James’ latest book, The Cultural Commons of Hope, is due to be launched in March 2008.
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Racists like us…

by James Arvanitakis and Dinesh Wadiwel • 23 Feb 08
Posted in: Race/Matter [2] | Commons