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How to use this Wiki

Editing a wiki page can look strange because of the formatting. But it is quite easy to learn the basics quickly. The Edit page has some formatting buttons to help you. The best way to learn is to view existing pages to see how they've been formatted.1) A few tips:

  • Editing: to practise use the PlayGround page - you can do anything here
  • Syntax page: see how to formatting text
  • Preview button: check the final version before saving & publishing
  • Revert: to an earlier version of a page, use the 'Old revisions' button on the right side menu bar
  • New line or paragraph: use two backslashes \\
  • Edit Summary box: add info when making a major edit; check the 'Minor changes' box for small edits and no need to complete edit summary
  • Images: use the 'Media Manager' (top right link)
  • Video: click the video icon in the Editor to add a video; to show a centred larger youtube video include spaces before and after the curly brackets, e.g.
    {{ youtube>KmCrmiBOOvw?large }}
  • WYSIWYG editing: use the 'FCK Edit' button (when selected, you need to select the Edit page button again) - though the regular editor is much quicker and is generally recommended
1) Only authorized users can edit wiki pages on this site - see Home page
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