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-====== HOME ======+===== Home =====
 +This is a wiki for the development and documentation of the //​darkmatter//​ [[http://​​site/​|Journal]] and Project.
-~~NOCACHE~~ ​ 
-<nspages -h1 -subns -exclude:​start>​ 
 +//​darkmatter//​ project is an open access knowledge space for exploring contemporary operations of race and racism. A critical focus of the project is to interrogate the emergence of race in terms of its im/​material,​ informational and technological mutations.
 +The wiki is public - [[:​members|members]] of the //​darkmatter//​ project have access to edit its pages. You can navigate the site using the left sidebar links.
-|  |hello | 
-|  |  | 
-|  |  | 
 +**Join Us**: we encourage you to become a member and contribute to the //​darkmatter//​ project. To be able to add/edit wiki pages, complete this simple step:
-{{:​yosefa_loshitzky_screening_strangers.doc|yosefa_loshitzky_screening_strangers.doc}} ​ 
 +    - Email [[|]] with a brief indication of your interests to join the project and how you could contribute
 +    - When approved, you will be registered on the site with editing access ​
-{{:​artdarkmatters.migexpinstal.fin.apr11-3.doc|:​artdarkmatters.migexpinstal.fin.apr11-3.doc}} ​ 
 +Anyone interested in contributing to the project can join. In addition, we are currently keen to recruit members with:
 +    * General web production skills: e.g. formatting articles; audio and/or video editing for supporting the [[http://​​site/​|Journal]]  
 +    * Web-admin: main technical support and development of the Journal, knowledge of coding skills and customizing [[:​roadmap|wordpress]] (and/or comparable php/​css/​html experience) 
 +    * Hackers/Net Activists: technical software development skills, e.g. contributing to //​darkmatter//​ [[:​digital-race|Digital-Race]] projects or the site admin 
 +//​darkmatter// ​  is an independent online project - all members contribute their time on a free/​voluntary basis.
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