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Software Tools

The #notracist project has made extensive use of two software packages - Chorus and Textometrica - as part of its working to understand racialised Twitter talk. The various features, functions and affordances of these software packages have helped formulate and shape our analytic thinking about the data at hand (see Methodology for further details of how this was achieved in practice).


Chorus is a data collection and visualisation suite for harvesting and processing Twitter data, consisting of two programmes: TweetCatcher (which handles data collection) and TweetVis (which handles data visualisation and analysis). The main features and functions of Chorus are outlined in the video below:

Desktop versions of Chorus software can be downloaded at: Note: Chorus currently runs only on Windows operating systems.


Textometrica is a browser-based data visualisation tool. The main features and functions of Textometrica are outlined in the video below:

Textometrica is available at:

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