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Development of the darkmatter Project

  • Add Abstract to be submitted for Articles on Journal Submission - submit work page/section
  • Plugin for custom ordering posts (not based on date)
  • Add donate button (check on methods in addition to paypal)
  • Explore alternative self-hosted (CMS?) solution for Editorial Team admin, instead of relying on google services
  • Open bank account (Co-Op) & track donation payments
  • Consider Charity status

The darkmatter Journal is hosted on a relatively inexpensive shared hosting environment, and currently uses the software platform Wordpress:

  • Upgrade Wordpress to current version (3.2.1)
  • Explore replacing comments section with Disqus because of its integration with other social media; though consider privacy issues
  • Test gComm(o)ns Plone-based open-process software platform for darkmatter submissions; initially for backend of Journal and to enable semi-open peer review and document tracking/management. (Decide later whether to move whole Journal site over to gComm(o)ns) platform.
  • Consider shifting to more advanced web-host: WebFaction - faster site, greater flexibility in running software; though requires recruiting a darkmatter developer with experience of shell commands, installing software from source etc.

Test software for dev-discussion list - needs to be free/open-source and ideally self-hosted with features enabling posting via email and via a web interface (forum/archive):

  • googlegroups - commercial/evil/ads! but has good features, similar to a forum for posting via web
  • Mailman - self-hosted; widely used & solid but basic, with limited archive & no web reply interface; can use Mail Archive for a searchable public archive
  • JISCMail (Listserv type hosted) - similar to mailman, but does have web interface, though clunky
  • Sympa - self-hosted & fully featured with web interace, but complex to install and not possible with shared hosting
  • Riseup - free hosted solution by net activists, uses Sympa mail list, has web interface
  • Dada Mail - self-hosted, good featrues though no reply via web interface
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