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Open Peer-Review (Journal)

darkmatter Journal during 2011 shifted to accepting submissions subject to external peer review.1) While we continue to publish non-peer review work (e.g. Commons and Reviews etc.), the decision to adopt peer review was extensively discussed amongst the editorial team.

The journal eschews traditional (closed) peer-review practices, because it essentially they are flawed for promoting academic discussion and transparency of knowledge production.2)

Our 'open' peer review practices involves the following:

[add text]

We believe peer review is a dynamic process, and reserve the right to develop our open practices over time.

1) Our practice up until then was of in-house editorial review.
2) For an excellent critique and discussion of alternative practices of 'open' peer review see Open-process academic publishing by Toni Prug. For an example, see the peer review process of Critical Studies in Peer Production journal
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