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Digital Race Readings

EDIT: perhaps using Zotero or Mendeley is more productive?

[Work in Progress] This collection of articles and links relevant to researching digital race will be continuously updated. If you have a suggestion for a reading to be added email; or if you wish to join the wiki group that maintains this list let us know.

Maintained by: Sanjay Sharma


  • Back, L. (2002) Aryans reading Adorno: cyber-culture and twenty-first-century racism. Ethnic & Racial Studies 25 (4): 628–651. Download: back_aryans_reading_adorno.pdf
  • Daniels J (2008) Searching for Dr. King: Teens, race, and cloaked websites. In: Ennis E, Halpin H, Mangiafic P, Rhee J, et al. (eds) Electronic techtonics: Thinking at the interface. Durham, N.C.: Lulu Press, pp. 94–116.
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  • Daniels J (2009) Cyber racism: White supremacy online and the new attack on civil rights. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
  • Daniels J (2009) Cloaked websites: propaganda, cyber-racism and epistemology in the digital era. New Media & Society 11(5): 659–683.
  • Daniels J & Lalone N (2012) Racism in video gaming: connecting extremist and mainstream expressions of white supremacy. In: Embrick D and Lukacs A (eds) Social Exclusion, Power and Video Game Play. MD: Lexington Press, pp.83–97.
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  • Leurs, K., Midden, E. & Ponzanesi, S. (2012). Digital multiculturalism in the Netherlands: Religious, ethnic, and gender positioning by Moroccan-Dutch youth. Religion and Gender, 2(1), 150-175. Available online:
  • Leurs, K. & Ponzanesi, S. (2011) Communicative spaces of their own. Migrant girls performing selves using Instant Messaging software. Feminist Review, 99, 55-78.[subscription]
  • Leurs, K. & Ponzanesi, S. (2011) Mediated crossroads: Youthful digital diasporas. M/C Journal, 14 (2), Available online:
  • Leurs, K. (2012) Digital Passages. Moroccan-Dutch youths performing diaspora, gender and youth cultural identities across digital space. Dissertation. Available online:
  • Nakamura, L. (2002) Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet, London: Routledge.
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  • Nakamura, L. & Chow-White, P. (eds) (2011) Race After the Internet, New York: Routledge.
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