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Special Issue Proposal – Guest Editors

Special Issues are a collection of commissioned Journal content. There are two types of darkmatter Journal Special Issues:

  • Thematic: focussed on a specific topic published as a complete collection;
  • Research: open-ended topic published over a 6 – 18 month period, encouraging dialogue and collaboration

Special Issues can be formed of a combination of Articles (externally peer-reviewed), Commons and Review pieces. In addition to academic essays, we are interested in innovative forms of communication and critique, such as experimental works, imagery, audio, video, multimedia etc.

While we are always open to suggestions for Special Issues, we would currently be interested in proposals that engage with the following topics:

  • the ambiguities and contradictions of anti-racism’s move from the (oppositional) margin to the centre of public discourse
  • the racial politics of Israel/Palestine
  • race and the crisis of (finance) capitalism
  • race theory and anti-racist practice in inter- and transnational contexts
  • race and digital media

We welcome Guest Editors for Special Issues. It is understood that your role will involve:

  • Soliciting and vetting articles for consideration in the Special Issue.
  • Undertaking the review process to meet the standards of the journal. A member of our team acts as a Liaison Editor, involved in overseeing the review process alongside the Guest Editor(s).
  • Undertaking the majority of contributor liaison, including advising authors of review outcomes and revisions to their work.
  • Copy‐editing articles. On-line proofing will be undertaken by the darkmatter team.
  • Providing an introduction/editorial for the Special Issue.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss your initial ideas. Or submit a proposal by emailing

In your proposal file, please include the following:

  • Proposed title of the Special Issue
  • Indicate what type of Issue (Thematic or Research)
  • Expected date of publication
  • Editor(s) – provide brief notes for each of the guest editors, including position/affiliation, any previous editing projects/experience and key publications
  • Description – a 300-500 word summary about your Special Issue, including what intervention is being made and why it’s relevant to darkmatter.
  • How you plan to generate the content, e.g. through a Call for Papers and/or existing contributors.
  • Contents: if possible, provide a provisional listing of your special issue, including author names, article titles, any abstracts. (Note: this is not required at proposal stage if not available).