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Journal-Issue: The Wire Files [4]


Editorial: ‘All the pieces matter’ – introductory notes on The Wire

by Ash Sharma • 29 Apr 2011


“B5—it got all the dinks”: Schools and Education on ‘The Wire’

by Lawrence Blum • 29 Apr 2011

Short Circuiting the Power Grid: The Wire as Critique of Institutional Power

by Sophie Fuggle • 29 May 2009

Who Loves Ya, David Simon?

by Jane Gibb and Roger Sabin • 29 May 2009

The Life and Times of Fuzzy Dunlop: Herc and the Modern Urban Crime Environment

by C.W. Marshall and Tiffany Potter • 29 May 2009

The Politics of Brisket: Jews and The Wire

by Keith Kahn-Harris • 29 May 2009

White Negroes and The Wire

by Daniel McNeil • 29 May 2009

Casting The Wire: Complicating Notions of Performance, Authenticity, and ‘Otherness’

by Lisa W. Kelly • 29 May 2009

A man’s gotta have a code: Identity, Racial Codes and HBO’s The Wire

by Todd Fraley • 29 May 2009

No Such Thing as Good and Evil: The Wire and the humanization of the object of risk in the age of biopolitics

by Angela Anderson • 29 May 2009

The Wire: Investigating the use of a Neoliberal Institutional Apparatus and a ‘New Humanist’ Philosophical Apparatus

by Sara Taylor • 29 May 2009


“Thin Line ‘tween heaven and here” (Bubbles): Real and Imagined Space in The Wire

by Linda Speidel • 29 May 2009

The Subversion of Heteronormative Assumptions in HBO’s The Wire

by Hillary Robbie • 29 May 2009

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Serial Narrative on The Wire

by Erika Johnson-Lewis • 29 May 2009

“These Are Not Your Children”: The Wire’s eighth graders and their fate at Edward Tillman Middle School

by Georgia Christgau • 29 May 2009

Common Ground: The Political Economy of The Wire

by Judd Franklin • 29 May 2009