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Journal: Post-Racial Imaginaries [9.2]


“My measurement of race is rate of vibration”: Afrofuturism and the ‘molecularization’ of race

by Beatrice Ferrara • 29 Nov 2012

The multiplicity of multiplicities – Post-Black Art and its intricacies

by Nana Adusei-Poku • 29 Nov 2012

Open Secrets in ‘Post-Identity’ era Art Criticism/History: Raqib Shaw’s Queer Garden of Earthly Delights

by Alpesh Kantilal Patel • 29 Nov 2012

Jackie Kay: a poetic imagining of post-racial (be)longing

by Katy Massey • 29 Nov 2012

Film Reviewers and Framing Race: Recuperating a Post-Racial Whiteness

by Matthew W. Hughey and Sheena Gardner • 29 Nov 2012


Post-racial Rhetorics and the Depoliticization of Blackness

by Darnell Moore • 29 Nov 2012

I Love Black Men: a post-White performance

by Katalin Halasz • 29 Nov 2012

Post-Racial Ironies and Counterfactual Histories: a commentary on hipsters

by Asha Best • 29 Nov 2012