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Journal: Post-Racial Imaginaries [9.1]


Editorial: Post-racial Imaginaries – connecting the pieces

by Ash Sharma and Sanjay Sharma • 2 Jul 2012


‘Mixture is a Neoliberal Good’: Mixed-Race Metaphors and Post-Racial Masks

by Daniel McNeil • 2 Jul 2012

Post-Racial Pessimism: Therapolitics and the Anti-Utopian Present

by Christopher Kyriakides • 2 Jul 2012

Fear of a ‘Black’ President: Obama, Racial Panic and the Presidential Sign

by Cynthia D. Bond • 2 Jul 2012

Pre-Race Post-Race: Climate Change and Planetary Humanism

by Yasmin Gunaratnam and Nigel Clark • 2 Jul 2012

Racial ideology and the production of knowledge about health

by Hamish L. Robertson and Joanne F. Travaglia • 2 Jul 2012


State of Play (2011)

by Roshini Kempadoo • 2 Jul 2012

Between Abstract and Barack

by Patrick Lynn Rivers • 2 Jul 2012

‘Racial Terror in America’: The Racist Roots of Ron Paul’s Anti-Imperialism

by Benjamin Balthaser • 2 Jul 2012

The creation and intepretation of ‘mixed’ categories in Britain today

by Miri Song • 2 Jul 2012