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Journal-Issue: Challenging Italian Racism [6]


Editorial: Race at work – the rise and challenge of Italian racism

by Anna Curcio and Miguel Mellino • 10 Oct 2010


Anti-Racist Research and Practice in Italy

by Sandro Mezzadra • 10 Oct 2010

Race as a category of legal analysis: scrutinizing Italian case law

by Costanza Margiotta • 10 Oct 2010

Intersections of racism and sexism in contemporary Italy: A critical cartography of recent feminist debates

by Chiara Bonfiglioli • 10 Oct 2010

The roads not taken: Migrants, labor and antiracism in Italy in the age of the Bossi-Fini Law

by Giorgio Grappi • 10 Oct 2010


Racism – Historic Memory – Individual Responsibility

by Renate Siebert • 10 Oct 2010

Gone With the Orange [video]

by InsuTv • 10 Oct 2010

The consequences of racism in Italy from the perspective of asylum

by Alessandra Sciurba • 10 Oct 2010

Within, Against, Beyond the Color-Line: Generations and Migrations in Italy

by Luca Queirolo Palmas • 10 Oct 2010