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Journal-Issue: Pirates and Piracy [5]


Editorial Notes: Pirates and Piracy – Material Realities and Cultural Myths

by Andrew Opitz • 20 Dec 2009


Revolution Bootlegged: Pirate Resistance in Nigeria’s Broken Infrastructure

by Jason Crawford • 20 Dec 2009

Digital Pirates and the Enclosure of the Intellect

by Irmak Ertuna • 20 Dec 2009

Where’s the Booty?: The Stakes of Textual and Economic Piracy as Seen Through the Work of Kathy Acker

by Paige Sweet • 20 Dec 2009

Hostis humani generis. History of a multi-faceted word

by Salvatore Poier • 20 Dec 2009

Atlantic Orientalism: How Language in Jefferson’s America Defeated the Barbary Pirates

by Angela Sutton • 20 Dec 2009

Voyage of the Black Joke: Piracy and Gallows Humor in an Era of Primitive Accumulation

by Andrew Opitz • 20 Dec 2009

The Pirate and the Colonial Project: Kanhoji Angria

by Derek L. Elliott • 20 Dec 2009


Life Under the Jolly Roger: Reflections on Golden Age Piracy – Interview with Gabriel Kuhn

by Nora Räthzel • 20 Dec 2009

Unravelling Narratives of Piracy: Discourses of Somali Pirates

by Muna Ali and Zahra Murad • 20 Dec 2009

‘Liberty or Life!’: The Convict Pirates of the Wellington

by Erin Ihde • 20 Dec 2009