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Journal: Reflections on Dispossession: Critical Feminisms [14]


Cultures of Dispossession: Rights, Status and Identities

by Brenna Bhandar and Davina Bhandar • 16 May 2016


The Jurisprudence of Domestic Dependence

by Alyosha Goldstein • 16 May 2016

Status as Property: Identity, Land and the Dispossession of First Nations Women in Canada

by Brenna Bhandar • 16 May 2016

From Being Sexual to Having Sexual Rights

by Leticia Sabsay • 16 May 2016

Decolonising the Politics of Status: When the Border Crosses Us

by Davina Bhandar • 16 May 2016

Dispossessing the Private Sphere? Civic Integration Policies and Colonial Legacies

by Sara Farris • 16 May 2016

Journeys of Dispossession: Palestinian Refugees from Syria Confronting Fortress Europe

by Rafeef Ziadah • 16 May 2016

Prison and Place: Carceral Reform and Indigenous Dispossession in Hawai‘i

by Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller • 16 May 2016