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Miguel Mellino is professor of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Naples “L'Orientale”. He taught also Research Methodologies in the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary College. His main fields of research concern migration, racism, colonial, postcolonial and cultural studies. He translated and introduced into Italian some of the main authors in Postcolonial and Cultural Studies, such as Stuart Hall, Edward Said, Paul Gilroy, Robert Young. He is the editor of the Italian translations of Fanon's Ecrit Politiques (2007) and Césaire's Discours on Colonialism (2010). His previous books include La Critica Postcoloniale. Decolonizzazione, capitalismo e Cosmopolitismo nei Postcolonial Studies (2005). La Cultura e il Potere. Conversazione sui Cultural Studies (2006, with Stuart Hall), Post-Orientalismo. Said e gli studi postcoloniali (2009). Some of his work is translated into Spanish.

Editorial: Race at work – the rise and challenge of Italian racism

by Anna Curcio and Miguel Mellino • 10 Oct 10
Posted in: Challenging Italian Racism [6] | Editorial