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Jasbinder S. Nijjar is a PhD student at Brunel University London, examining the relationship between institutional racism and the militarization of policing in London. He is the editorial assistant of the online open-access darkmatter Journal, and has written for academic journals including Sociological Research Online and Popular Communication. He also has an upcoming article in the journal Social Justice.

England and the World Cup 2018 – a darkmatter conversation

by Ash Sharma, Anamik Saha, Naaz Rashid, Jasbinder Nijjar, Daniel McNeil, Malcolm James, Chanzo Greenidge and Dhanveer Singh Brar • 25 Jul 18
Posted in: General Issue [10]

The Machinery of Whiteness: Studies in the Structure of Racialization by Steve Martinot

by Jasbinder Nijjar • 7 May 16
Posted in: General Issue [10] | Review