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Dario Giugliano teaches aesthetics at the Academy of Fine Arts (Naples). He is the autor of a series of book of which the first is “Derrida-Saussure. Segno & differenza” (1994) and the most recent is “Il discorso sospeso – sul corpo dell’arte” (2003), that examines visual arts, philosophy and corporality. He is editor of the journal “estetica. studi e ricerche”. His recent essays are on Deleuze (“Rue Descartes” no 59, 2008), Heidegger (“Etica & Politica/Ethics & Politics” no XI:1, 2009), Pasolini (“Third text”, no 101, 2009; “aut aut”, no 345, 2010), ontology of cinema (“Rivista di Estetica” no 46, 2011).

Matters of Debt. Apart from Derrida

by Dario Giugliano • 18 May 12
Posted in: Im-possible Derrida [8] | Commons