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Dark and light veiled thoughts

by Liz Rideal
18 May 2012 • Comment (0) • Print
Posted: Im-possible Derrida [8] | Commons

The idea of darkmatter – iron, meteoritic substance, hard as nails and impenetrable is challenged by its opposite: light matter, gossamer soft and floating.

Does one subsume the other? Does heavy mean difficult and thus more important, substantial? Can we assume that the former is representative of the conscious whilst the latter echoes the unconscious?

Are they the warp and weft of high and low – concrete density versus transparent clarity, the animus and anima? Are these polarities and opposites, attracting and repelling? Or merely two sides of the same coin?

My work aims to situate the latter within the boundaries of the former, bringing a cohesion and completion of this rhythmic circuit through the vision of cloth photographed in movement.

I have been taking the veil for a spin through architecture of the highest renown. Coloured fabric swirling in tune to the Baroque, played as music in tempo to the solid toned curve. Soundlessly floating a febrile form into our consciousness. Suggesting memories faint and concrete, embedded within the nostalgia that is the photograph.

Relating the energy of the work to notations of authors –Cixous and Derrida, Bachelard, Sebald and Barthes…. Sympathetically and simultaneously acknowledging the historical significance of the buildings and bricks of the past, poignant implications across time that celebrate the geometry of order and architecture.

Creating chaos in the form of fragments of vision, jumping coloured cloth: the interloper. Making this analogous to a beauty that questions the known order and accepted rule, augmenting it by suggesting fleeting figures, ghosts in unpopulated spaces.

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