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Gone With the Orange [video]

by InsuTv
10 Oct 2010 • Comment (0) • Print
Posted: Challenging Italian Racism [6] | Commons

Rosarno, Calabria (Southern Italy), January 9th, 2010: Italian police evacuate 500 migrant workers.

Every year, once the harvest season is over, African workers are threatened to leave the area, after having exploited their labor. Insu tv travelled to Rosarno during the days of this programme. The harsh images and the tales of the protagonists document the reasons for the migrants’ rebellion against violence and apartheid, which was immediately followed by the local Mafia’s retaliations and by official deportation.

Gone with the oranges from Nicola Angrisano on Vimeo.

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insuTV is a telestreet, that is a pirate independent Tv broadcasting on-air since 2004 in Naples, Italy on 287 MHZ. It also produces videos for other local TV or satellite channels.
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