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The Politics of Naming: Genocide, Civil War, Insurgency – Mahmood Mamdani

by Ash Sharma
9 Mar 2007 • Comment (0) • Print
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Professor Mahmood Mamdani makes a well argued critique of ‘humanitarian intervention’ and the continuation of the ‘civilising mission’ in Dafur in the LRB

In a recent talk at the the LSE it was interesting to see how many in the audience were antagonistic to Professor Mamdani’s argument about the continuation of bigotry under the cover of blasphemy in the West’s critique of Islam. There seemed to be very little space for the ‘middle ground’ that he was advocating. The response to the talk seemed to say a lot about the continual denial of bigotry, racism and eurocentrism in liberal western modernity – in left-liberal as well as right wing political positions and arguments.

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Ash Sharma is the co-editor of darkmatter. He teaches at the University of East London, UK and is a member of the Black Study Group (London). He blogs at tabula rasa and co-edits the writing zine Southern Discomfort . Re-imagining (sub)urban space at twitter: @ashdisorient He is completing a book on race and visual culture.
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