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Creating Collectivities/Doing Transnational Politics – ESF 2004

by Nirmal Puwar
11 Feb 2007 • Comment (0) • Print
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A collection of papers of the Creating Collectivities/Doing Transnational Politics panel presented at the European Social Forum ESF 2004, 16th Oct, Alexander Palace, London. Organised by Feminist Review in collaboration with SCONVEGNO, NextGenderation, BSA Race Forum, and the Torina SambaBand


  1. Nirmal Puwar (Feminist Review, U.K) – An Introduction to the Panel
  2. Amal Treacher (Feminist Review, U.K) – Working Together: Pulling Apart
  3. Firdous Azim (Naripokkho, Bangladesh) – Feminist Struggles in Bangladesh
  4. Chiara Martucci, Sveva Magaraggia & Francesca Pozzi (SCONVEGNO, Italy) – Crossing boundaries: identities in movement
  5. Sanjay Sharma (BSA Race Forum, UK) – Anti-racist praxis: the (im)possibility of collective work in the academy
  6. Beppe de Sario (Torino Sambaband, Italy) -Creative resistance: strategies & transnational subjectivities for alternative politics
  7. Joanna Hoare (NextGenderation, London) – Bridging the Gap between academia and Political Action

Download Papers:

Creating Collectivities/Doing Transnational Politics [PDF - English]

Creare Collettività/Fare politiche Trasnaziona [PDF - Italiano]

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Nirmal Puwar, Senior Lecturer in Sociology & Co-Director of Methods Lab, Goldsmiths, University of London.
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