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Death and the Migrant: Bodies, Borders and Care by Yasmin Gunaratnam

Yasmin Gunaratnam, in her Death and the Migrant takes us back to what feels like a better time, maybe only a few weeks ago it seems, when migrants were not so openly denigrated and politically used, before, in Kureishi’s words they were ‘deposited outside the firmament of the acceptable’, when the sharing of experiences of existentiality seemed possible.


Higher education: a market for racism?

The continued absence of black and minority ethnic professors, the re-made forms of institutional university racism, and the subsequent cover-up provided by hollowed-out institution’s equalities policies have all been addressed.


Stuart Hall in conversation with Les Back [audio]

The conversation was published in 2009 in a special edition of Cultural Studies dedicated to Stuart’s life and work. The advantage of the recording available here for the first time is that the listener can access aspects of Stuart’s style of intellectual dialogue that cannot be transposed to the page.