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The Integral Nature of Things: Critical Reflections on the Present by Lata Mani

Lata Mani’s The Integral Nature of Things presents a series of meditations that gently unsettles the terrain of conventional secular discourse that has come to shape much of feminist, post-colonial academic thought in the twenty-first century.


Questions for a prospective Black Professoriate

It seems clear there is a desire to address a problem. The implementation of a Black Studies Program at Newman University, the establishment of the Equiano Centre at University College London, as well as Nathan E. Richard’s incisive…


Stuart Hall in conversation with Les Back [audio]

The conversation was published in 2009 in a special edition of Cultural Studies dedicated to Stuart’s life and work. The advantage of the recording available here for the first time is that the listener can access aspects of Stuart’s style of intellectual dialogue that cannot be transposed to the page.